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We fly in and out of Bologna.  The airport code is BLQ.  All artists must arrive before 3pm on July 7th, 2024.  We will return to Bologna the morning of July 28th, 2024. It is recommended that no flight be booked prior to 5pm on the day of our departure from Mondavio.

If your flights do not coincide with the charter bus pick up and drop off, you will be responsible for your travel to and from our destinations.  Many participants choose to arrive and leave one day or more before or after arrival in Bologna to ensure time for flights and to explore the historic city of Bologna.  

Hotels near the Centro: 

Founded by Dr. Jeffrey Peterson, Music in the Marche has jump-started the singing careers of hundreds of young artists. Located in beautiful Mondavio, Italy, aspiring young artists receive two, applied lessons, coachings, Italian diction, perform in master class, daily Italian language classes, participate in excursions, and experience cultural immersion.  Students are housed in pairs within the small village community of Mondavio in the homes of vetted host families. Airfare is not included.

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